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doulasPlus Services

doulasPlus Doula Services

Doula: a term meaning personal support assistant, coined in the 1970s from the Greek. The doulasPlus Doula is a birth professional, trained and experienced in childbirth preparation, personal support, and effective comfort measures, for you before, during, and after birth.    

Preparing and planning for Birth. We listen to you. 

Labor support and effective comfort measures. 

Partners need support too. 

Your Birth, your way. 

Home, Hospital, or Birth Center Births. Lactation support. 

Post-birth care for the new dyad* and family.    

Your doulasPlus Doula works for you. To best serve your family's needs, doulasPlus Doulas work in teams, providing full access to the hands-on comfort measures and partner support you deserve. 

 The doulasPlus Doula serves the needs of the birthing family as you see them.       

 *dyad:  the smallest social unit, a pair   

doulasPlus Monitrice Care

Monitrice: a French word translated as   “to watch over attentively." The doulasPlus Monitrice is a birth professional, trained and experienced in managing labors at home. She will check in on the health of baby and the progress of labor before the arrival of the midwife, or before entering the birth center or hospital. 

Recognized as a specialized birthing professional in France and other European countries in the first half of the 20th century, the full value of the Monitrice in the safe management of early labors to reduce unnecessary intervention and surgeries is just beginning to be appreciated in North America.

The care of the doulasPlus Monitrice will be particularly helpful for VBAC labors, or any labor where the family wants to labor at home "for as long as possible."

Your doulasPlus Monitrice will work as a team with your doulaPlus Doula.

Once the laboring mother is under the care of her midwife or doctor, the doulasPlus Monitrice functions as her personal Doula.   

The "Plus" in doulasPlus

Number one Plus? Decades of experience in Reproductive Health Care and with Birth. We know from personal and professional experience that these amazing years in a person's reproductive life sometimes include challenging experiences. 

Another Plus? We work in teams to best serve your needs.

doulasPlus is able to provide a strong, warm, caring hand and personal support for a wide range of needs, as patient navigator, an advocate, and support person for fertility care, genetic and other diagnostic testing, for perinatal loss, or other challenging experiences. 

Call us and we will talk with you about your personal needs. 

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Personal, private consultation, and Birth Planning.

doulasPlus serves the needs of the birthing family as the family sees them. Consultation services allow for the exploration of options available for labor, birthing, and your newborn's care. Your Birth Plan is customized for varying circumstances and to your personal needs.  

Several Service Packages and Financial Options available

Doula and Monitrice care is unlikely to be reimbursed by health insurance, even though Doula care has demonstrated lower rates of cesarean surgeries and NICU care. Because of this, doulasPlus care is private pay only. Several packages and financing options can be discussed during your private Consultation.

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We want to get you started in creating your birth, your way.  

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